Whiskey, Wellness, and Wisdom

with Matthew Bachman

Are you ready for change? How can you know if your life’s journey is leading you towards spiritual awakening or another dead end? Here are some signs that might help.

virgin mary figurine

In honor of Mother’s Day, we take a look at the life of the Virgin Mary and what we can learn from her example.

grayscale photography woman doing yoga

There’s more to wellness than just physical health. Learn about the different types of wellness and how they can help improve your life.

A personal story of how my encounter with God forever changed my life.

Easter is more than just a religious holiday – it’s a time to reflect on the spiritual meaning of rebirth and renewal.

Gottfried Wilhelm Von Leibniz is the creator of the concept of monads and his work was a major influence in western philosophy. Find out more about him here.

Find out why backpacking is such an amazing way to connect with nature and yourself. It’s all about taking time to slow down and enjoy the present moment. Let go of the distractions of everyday life while experiencing something that will enrich your soul for years to come.

Rocks stacked alongside an ociean.

spirituality and religion are two terms that tend to be used synonymously with each other, when in reality, the difference between the two is night and day.

Sun rising over a field of grass wheat.

Is belief the same as faith? An analysis of how our beliefs and faith (or lack of) in said beliefs affect our daily lives.

Our spirituality is always going to be put to the test and sometimes it can push us off the rails.

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