Whiskey, Wellness, and Wisdom

with Matthew Bachman

grayscale photography woman doing yoga

There’s more to wellness than just physical health. Learn about the different types of wellness and how they can help improve your life.

silhouette of man at daytime

Are you looking for a way to improve your life? Here are three benefits of meditation that you may not have considered.

Man sitting down depressed.

Is it your employers responsibility to make you happy? Some may think so…

Sun rising over a field of grass wheat.

Is belief the same as faith? An analysis of how our beliefs and faith (or lack of) in said beliefs affect our daily lives.

Plato and Aristotle walking and disputing.

Whether or not philosophy can help with depression a tricky question to answer. The answer is not quite black and white.

Our spirituality is always going to be put to the test and sometimes it can push us off the rails.

Inspiration is an intelligent lady that plays hard to get.

You don’t need to be a prisoner of depression. These 5 proven techniques to beat depression will lead you down the path to recovery.

The fear of the unknown is deeply rooted in us. By embracing this uncertainty, we can live a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

The path to spiritual well-being is an MMA fight worth having.

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