Books and Movies: The Coronavirus Self-Quarantine Survival Kit

Being in a self-quarantine is the perfect time to catch on your reading and watching some movies you haven't seen before.

Books are Usually Better than the Movies, but Why?

It’s no secret that the movies are usually worse than the books they are adapting from, but why exactly is that the case?

President Trump is at it Again: Libraries Facing Budget Cuts

President Trump, once again, has the Institute of Museum and Library Services in his crosshairs. The proposed 2021 fiscal budget would eliminate the program.

Libraries: A Bleak Future or New Beginning?

Loss of attendance and threats of budget cuts have libraries scrambling to catch up with the ever changing times. What does the future have in store for your local library?

Professional Development & Success
Effective Communication: A Skill Worth Having

The ability to communicate efficiently and effectively is quite possibly the most important skill to have in the workplace.

Literary Theory & Criticism
Top 10 Greatest Opening Sentences in Literature

A strong opening sentence is important when writing a novel. Here is a list literature’s 10 greatest opening sentences.

Library News
Librarians: More to the Job than Meets the Eye

Librarianship, the thankless and often misunderstood profession. There’s more to being a librarian than shelving books and telling people to quiet down.

Library News
Living in a Dystopia? An Examination of Missouri House Bill 2044

On January 8, 2020, Missouri introduced a controversial bill numbered 2044 that would place restriction on libraries from allowing minors to access age-inappropriate materials.

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