Whiskey, Wellness, and Wisdom

with Matthew Bachman

Keeping a short story to 55 words is a great way to sharpen the creative mind. Instead of focusing on plot, character development, and description, it strips everything down to the barebones and allows the reader to fill in the gaps. Hope you enjoy!

The Note

By Matthew Bachman

Evelyn came home from work late at night and went into her son’s room. She gave him a kiss on the forehead and went to her bedroom. A note she left herself was on the bed, reminding herself of a truth that has been evading her for the past 7 years: “Your son is dead.”

The Crime Scene

By Matthew Bachman

It was an apparent suicide. The victim was lying in the middle of a pentagram drawn in their own blood. They were still clutching the .45 revolver they used to do the job. Detective Marcus Peterson searched the apartment for clues. To his horror, he found 2 more bodies in the closet. They were moving.

Lost Souls

By Matthew Bachman

The exit to the building was within sight. After 7 long years, James would finally be free. He prepared to make the run. Suddenly long black hair emerged from around the corner in front of the exit. She walked on the ceiling like others walked on the floor. James turned and ran the other way.

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